Instructions to install extension straps for Peloton cycling shoes

Step 1:

    Unlatch the stock ladder strap from the shoe buckle


      Step 2:

      Push stock strap in the direction of the arrow seen in the picture below to remove from shoe.

      Note, the straps have a tight fit so they may take a little force to remove.

      Step 3:

      With the stock strap removed you can now install the new extension strap. To do this, align the strap as shown in the picture below with the latches facing up.



      Step 4:

      Once the Strap is all the way inserted, please ensure you push it all the way in so that the end stop on the strap is sitting flush as shown in the picture below.




      Step 5 (Optional):

      Now that your new extended strap is fully installed in the shoe. Try your shoe on. Find where it is most comfortable for you and if the strap extension length is too long; feel free to trim off any excess with a pair of scissors or flush cutters as seen in the picture below.



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