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Wall Mount For Wet Wipes

Wall Mount For Wet Wipes

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Wall mount for wet wipes

Mounts wherever you need wipes! In your bathroom, at the baby changing station, and anywhere in between 

  • Designed to easily and quickly mount to any surface using adhesive strips
  • The hook design makes it easy to remove and refill whenever needed quickly
  • Rubber bands hold the pack tight inside the mount for easy access
  • Move anywhere, anytime with adhesive strips.


  • 2-inch: Fits most standard-size wipe packs, including Pampers, Huggies and Honest and Waterwipes
  • 3-inch: Fits larger value packs such as Costco Brand wet wipes

Each Wall Mount comes with all needed parts, including one wall mount set, adhesive strips for mounting, and rubber bands to tension your wet wipe inside the mount.

Please ensure you measure your pack's depth before placing an order to ensure proper fitment.

Note the fit is designed to be tight. With larger packs, you may need to open up the wipes to let out trapped air in the package for it to fit.

If your needs are not met with the current options, or you would like the mount in a different color, feel free to reach out, and we can accommodate most sizes requested.

You can reach us at

Free shipping within the USA

This product is 3D Printed from PETG plastic 

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