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Extension Strap for Peloton Cycling Shoes

Extension Strap for Peloton Cycling Shoes

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If you have cycling, spinning, or any other shoe that utilizes a ladder strap for securing the shoe on your foot, this product is for you. 

I have spinning shoes that fit my feet perfectly. The only problem was the ladder strap was too short for my feet. I could never get it to the latching mechanism. I didn't want to go up a shoe size and then have shoes that were too large for my feet. So I decided to design my own ladder strap extension. 

  • This strap extends the length of the stock ladder strap from around 3 3/4 inches (95mm) to 5 3/4 inches (145 mm) 
  • Being 3D printed, if they are too long for you, you can cut them down, or optionally, you can reach out to me at, and we can customize the size for you for an added cost.
  • These come in sets of 2. One for each shoe
  • All ladder strap extensions are printed using PETG plastic
  • These straps are compatible with Peloton spinning shoes

Extension Strap Install Guide

Please note if this item is out of stock, it can add up to 1-2 weeks of additional time to fulfill the order.


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